Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.
Rules Of Road
The Wiser Driver strives to ensure a first-class experience for each and every student that allows us the opportunity to assist in obtaining their educational goals. In the event that you have an issue or a matter that requires personal attention, please give us a call so that we can assist in ensuring a first class experience. You may reach us at 770-568-5060, text 404-579-1938 or email: If you have questions regarding our school policies, please give us a call or drop an email.
There is no charge to cancel lessons outside of the 24-hour window. Cancellations occurring within 24 hours of the scheduled session will incur a $40 cancellation fee.
Road Test Booking
When you are ready for your road test, give our office a call to schedule your road test at 770-568-5060. Testing must be scheduled manually to ensure all requirements have been met.
Scheduling Sessions
All students are required to utilize Drivescout for scheduling sessions. In the event that the student has scheduling issues, assistance will be provided by our staff to ensure a satisfactory training date.
All students are required to conduct themselves in a polite manner that encourages a positive and safe learning environment. Learning to drive is rewarding but also dangerous. Negative or bad behavior will not be tolerated. In the event of behavior issues, the lesson will be terminated and remaining funds will be forfeited.
When will I be ready to go for the practical test?
This timeframe will vary for absolutely every student. You are ready for the practical driving test when you can drive confidently and consistently without the help of your Safe Drive instructor. As you are getting closer, your Instructor will run you through a mock test to demonstrate what stage you are up to.
Why do I need to practice my driving?
Driving involves combining theory with physical skills and judgement. Practice is essential and the more practice you have, the less number of professional driving lessons you may require to be at the standard required to pass the test. Practice is vital and the requirement is that a new driver has 100 hours of log book experience prior to sitting for their practical driving test.