The Wiser Driving Parking and Backing option provides students with a focused set of instruction on the most feared area of the driving exam.  Many of our customers can drive very well and may only need to practice on maneuvering in and out of parking spots or just a last minute course of instruction prior to the road test at DDS.

We can provide this lesson seven days a week with prior scheduling.   Give us a call to see if we can assist in making you a better driver.







Let’s face it.  The most fearful part of the road test is parking and backing.   We have several customers that contact us just to learn how to park.   The Wiser Driver Driving School provides our customers with a package that solely focuses on these two areas of the road test.   Instead of worrying about the dreaded “parallel” parking, let us show you how to tackle this beast with ease.

This course includes a one hour course of instruction conducted at your location.  We will go over the proper techniques of parking and key tips on how to master the parking parking portion of your road test.


The one hour of instruction includes: 

Parallel Parking

Three Point Turn (Turn About)


We will provide a traffic cone configuration with the same size specifications as used at the Department of Driver Services (DDS).  Training includes the use of backup camera as well as fixed objects of reference.   We will also show you how to correct parking issues as well as the best techniques to use during your driving exam.


Q: Do you guarantee that I will pass my road test?

A:  No.  We cannot guarantee that you will pass your road test but we do have an extremely high success rate for licensing.

Q:  Can I really learn how to park and back in a straight line that quick?

A:  Yes!!   Believe it or not, once you get the basic principles down, an hour is more than enough.

Q:   Do you provide transportation for training?

A:    Yes, we will pick you up and drop you off afterwards.

Q:   When will the clock start for my training?

A:  Your training starts after the course is set up and you’re behind the wheel.  You will receive 90 minutes of training