RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The Nevada DMV says parallel parking is no longer a part of the driving exam.

“We didn’t do it before 2006, and then in 2006 we did implement it to be uniform with the entire state,” explained Reno DMV supervisor Mary Ellis.

The decision will also help the DMV get people in and out faster – something that if Monday morning is any indication – will not hurt, as the DMV was packed to capacity without a single parking spot available.

“I just think that parallel parking was unnecessary,” Ellis added. “We still meet all the safety requirements. Angle parking is more common of the day to day driving people use.”

The agency says that while parallel parking is still an important skill, there are other aspects of the driving test that are more critical.

“With the parallel parking, that is really minor in comparison to the overall drive test,” said Reno DMV manager Serena Gallegos. “We are more concerned with the left turns, right turns, traffic lights, and so forth.”

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