The Wiser Driver in collaboration with Behind the Wheel With ADHD has created a driving program specifically designed for driving students with ADHD.  This is the first and only program of its kind in the state of Georgia.

Why Is A Specialized Driving Program Necessary For ADHD Teen Drivers?

  • ADHD teens are seven times more likely to have been in two more accidents.

  • Four times more likely to have been at fault in an accident.

  • Six to eight more times likely to have their license suspended or revoked.

  • Twice as likely to receive multiple citations for speeding.

The Wiser Driver Is A Certified ADHD Executive Function Disorder Driving School.

The Wiser Driver Driving School Is Located Next Door To The Governor’s Gun Club in Powder Springs, GA.

For more information click here or give us a call at 770-568-5060